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Art Therapy in Schools

An art therapy session in a school always takes place in a confidential, permissive and safe space within the school day.

It is a place where you can be yourself and know that you are accepted, supported and listened to unconditionally. 

The overall aim of Art Therapy is for you to effect change on a personal level, building self esteem and confidence. 

The sessions can have a profound effect on sense of self, confidence, self esteem and resilience and although it is a gentle intervention, the ripples are far reaching within the art therapy space and throughout the school.

As well as supporting a child’s mental health, art therapy in schools can help improve behaviour, raise achievement, encourage attendance and help pupils take part more fully in school life. This is what some children have said about their art therapy sessions in school.

                                                          “It has helped me concentrate and cope with frustration”

                                                          “It helps not only me but other kids too”

                                                          “I don’t get in trouble as much as I use to”

                                                          “It has given me a place to talk which has made me happy”

                                                          “It makes me feel free, I can be me when I am in art therapy”











The Art Therapy session is a place where a child can be themselves and know that they are supported and accepted unconditionally, with no expectations other than to be themselves. 

Art therapy can be with an individual, a group or a whole class and aims to cultivate a sense of self in a sometimes confusing environment. Having a therapeutic approach in a school setting can help us all understand the importance of supporting good mental health in relation to learning. This approach can contribute towards a deeper understanding of students needs and the knock-on affect that that can have on the wider school community.

Please get in touch to find out more. Sessions range from £60 for an individual session to £120 for group work.

Each session is different so please get in touch if you would like to find out more about art therapy in your school