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Written by Conn Iggulden

Illustrations by Lizzy Duncan 

“He put Murphy in his big yellow estate car and took him away.”


Losing a loved one is the hardest thing we ever experience. It feels like a mountain we cannot possibly climb. 

Yet day by day, we can take single steps. 


We might never reach the peak, but this much is always true: whenever we look back, we can hardly believe how far we’ve come. 

Murphy is a true story about that mountain – about losing someone – and healing. It is about a dog who had to find a new family - and about a family who had to find a dog. Stories with dogs in them are almost always good ones. 

Murphy is for children, as all dogs are. His story is about the power of love, during the worst times.

Written by Conn Iggulden

Illustrations by Lizzy Duncan 

The Tollins Series

It's Peter Pan with attitude as Conn Iggulden, creator of the phenomenal bestseller The Dangerous Book for Boys, introduces an explosive and magical new fictional world.

"Tollins are not fairies. Though they both have wings, fairies are delicate creatures and much smaller.


Tollins are also a lot less fragile than fairies. In fact, the word 'fragile' can't really be used about them at all. They are about as fragile as a housebrick…"


In these three tales, Conn Iggulden introduces the explosive, magical and adventurous world of the Tollins, all beautifully illustrated in full colour by Lizzy Duncan. Complete with thrilling stories of danger and derring-do, glorious drawings, maps and diagrams, this is more than a fantastic fiction debut for children – it's also the definitive guide to these remarkable little flying creatures. Just don't ever call them fairies…


Just Right!

Dotty Melody Story

Written and Illustrated by Lizzy Duncan

Dotty and Penguin are ready to play but what are they going to dress up in today?

Is what they wear to silly or too bright?

Or can Dotty and Penguin get it Just Right!

A pre-school book to reinforce how we are all just right how we are!

Camila's Lemonade Stand

Illustrated and written by Lizzy Duncan

Camila’s Lemonade Stand is a book about entrepreneurship, tailored to Pre-K imaginations!

Camila is one of seven fearless children in search of their futures.


When she finds herself with no money for the Ferris wheel, friendly sprite Itsy shows up to give her some good advice: she can start a business! What happens when Jaden opens a competing cookie stall? And will the dark clouds on the horizon rain out their fun?