We are living in a world that moves so fast and gives us so much information that while we are taking everything in we forget to let things out. Stored emotion, stress, anxiety and worry build up and get in the way of our creative thinking. Give your company a break, a moment to take a breath and make their mark.


How can we feel connected and that we belong in the uncertainty we now face ourselves in?

Well-being workshops can help your company by creating a safe space


In a 24 /7 world we have forgotten about self care and how to look after our brains and how to give them a rest. Happy brains make happy people and happy people make a happy corporate community.

I have had the pleasure to be working with some of the top accountancy and communications firms in the country and I can design a bespoke well-being package for your company.


I can provide remote creative workshops, individual or group, via Zoom. A creative therapeutic space to give ourselves some psychological distance from our concerns and more importantly take

some valuable time out.


As a qualified art therapist who has worked in education and corporate settings for over twenty five years, running workshops, and art classes for all ages, I am able to provide a professional service to give your employees a confidential creative space to explore their feelings around well-being, 

and at this particular time, working in isolation. 

Please get in touch with any questions you may have around how art workshops can

benefit your working environment.

Feedback from some recent well-being workshops


“I haven’t felt this relaxed since lockdown began. Thank you”

“It was a relaxing and fulfilling session”

“I’m loving this; I had forgotten how much I enjoy drawing”

“Lizzy’s voice is so relaxing to listen to. Thank you”

“Thank you, really enjoyed this and helped me relaxed after a long week”


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