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Creativity in schools 

Art is an important part of our identity. Creative sessions in schools can be fitted in to the curriculum in short bursts around the pressures of other subjects or they can underpin lessons in a hands on way, developing a deeper knowledge of any topic.


Having a creative and therapeutic approach in a school setting can help us all understand the importance of supporting good mental health through art making. It can be with an individual, a group or a whole class using art materials to express feelings, thoughts and emotions. 


As well as supporting a child’s mental health, art, with a therapeutic approach, in schools can help improve behaviour, raise achievement, encourage attendance and help pupils take part more fully in school life. 

Here are some things that children have said about their experiences in individual art therapy.


​“It has helped me concentrate and cope with frustration”


“It helps not only me but other kids too”


“I don’t get in trouble as much as I use to”


“It has given me a place to talk which has made me happy” 


“It makes me feel free, I can be me when I am in art therapy”

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