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Art Therapy


Working with individuals and groups for over twenty five years I know how amazing it can be to be in a permissive space where you can be yourself. 


Research shows that making art has a positive effect on our mood and the ripples from that are far reaching. 

By creating a happier and healthier working environment we can improve our outcomes and spontaneity.

Making art


Making art contributes to the well being of your school or business by creating positive individual identities within a working group which help build social connections, while reducing stress and anxiety.


Making art can support and encourage us to develop good self-esteem, a good sense of well being and help lay the emotional foundations to make confident decisions throughout life.



If you get a moment today - make some art.

Art therapy in schools

The Art Therapy space is a place where a child can be themselves and know that they are supported and accepted unconditionally, with no expectations other than to be themselves. 


The overall aim of Art Therapy is to support change and growth on a personal level, using a range of art materials in a safe and confidential space.