pimp your pet

I can't wait to meet your animal pal and pimp them.  

How about a classic Vermeer, like beautiful Livvie...she makes a great cat with a pearl earring! 


You will receive a hi-res digital image that you can print onto anything you want and your

animal pal will be uploaded to the gallery for you to see on cushions, canvases,

phone cases, mugs and much, much more!


Just follow these three easy steps...

1. Take a photo (the bigger the better) of your pet or favourite animal.

2. Send your photo as a jpeg to lizzyduncangallery@gmail.com

3. Pay for your pet through the Paypal 'Buy Now' button below - just £49.99 per pimped pet artwork.

Please go ahead and email me at lizzyduncangallery@gmail.com with any questions you may have.