Be part of the creative conversation and make your mark!


Welcome to #globalpuzzle2020. Start a new global conversation with the universal language of creativity.


Make your own puzzle piece to connect with the world and send a message of thanks, love, hope, loss, happiness, sadness...basically anything you are feeling to connect and join together.


This is your space to say what you want - just download and colour in your jigsaw piece or if you don't have a printer just make some art - Scribble, paint, go over the lines, just enjoy the process!

Then take a picture, as high res as possible, and send to me at sending a positive message across the globe, connecting in this time of isolation.

I will join every puzzle piece together to make one massive global jigsaw puzzle for us all, sending a clear visual message of love and hope to the amazing health care workers, refuse workers, shop keepers, unsung heroes and everyone across the globe. 

Click on the jigsaw to go to Downloadables to get your blank puzzle piece.

2020 Designed by Lizzy Duncan

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