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This little bit is about what I have done and what I do now. Originally trained in Image-making and Design I spent ten years in Soho as a designer/animator, making children's programmes for the BBC and Channel 4.


More recently I have illustrated a series of books such as the Tollins for Harper Collins and I continue to teach art in schools and art groups (the sheer joy on peoples faces when they create something individual to them is the best bit if you are asking!). Through teaching art I have seen the amazing things that happen when you allow a person to be themselves and create with freedom. This is when the magic happens and confidence and resilience start to build.

I have been very lucky to have been able to teach art with the emphasis on the individual. Art is one of the amazing ways for us to find out how we think and how we see things - it's an especially amazing way of expressing ourselves and learning to be courageous and brave through making your own mark (and the best thing is that whatever you create is always right, as it is from you).

As a qualified Art Psychotherapist I continue to be amazed by the affect that the art making process can have on our mental and physical wellbeing. We all need to Make Some Art.